SukuFushi Reverse Bang

A reverse bang dedicated to the pairing Sukuna x Megumi


What is a Reverse Bang?
A reverse bang is a bang wherein artists create a piece of artwork and writers choose from sketches/flats which piece of art they'd love to create a fic for.
So how does it work?
Artists will sign up first and start sketching their SukuFushi ideas! Their first check in will ideally be a tidy sketch and possibly a small description. Writers will then anonymously choose which sketches inspire them to write!
How do I apply?
When sign ups open just fill out the forms. It's that easy!
Do the pairings have to be SukuFushi?
Nope! Feel free to create FushiSuku, SukuFushi, SukuFushiSuku, FushiSukuFushi etc etc. As long as Sukuna and Megumi are the main pairing in some fashion, you're good.
What content is banned?
None. Tags will be heavily encouraged and participants are permitted to go as wild as their comfort zones will allow them!

Is there an age limit?
Participants must be at least 18 years old to join due to NSFW content being permitted.
Do I have to make NSFW content?
Nope. SFW content is also allowed!
Do I need a discord?
Ideally yes. The server will be the main hub for announcements/asking questions and hopefully a general space to encourage and help each other out.
Artists are expected to create at the minimum of 1 finished piece with a simple background.
Writers are expected to create at the minmum of 1 written piece of work at least 1,500 words in length.
Can other characters feature?
Yes but the main story/art HAS to be centered around the relationship between Megumi and Sukuna.




January 1st - Artist Sign Ups Open
February 1st - Writer/Beta Reader Sign Ups Open
February 14th - Artist Sign Ups Close
February 29th - Artist Sketch Submissions/Writer Sign Up Closes
March 5th - Sketch Claims Open
March 10th - Sketch Claims Close
March 15th - Teams Announced

March 31st - Check In 1
April 30th - Check In 2
May 15th - Beta Reader Claims
May 31st - Check In 3
June 30th - Final Check In
July 3rd - 13th - Preview Posting
July 18th - Posting Begins

A more detailed FAQ can be found HERE




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Head Mod

Megumi and Sukuna took me by the throat and have refused to let go. I absolutely love them.
Long time writer and adult. I'm just here to have a good time and spread some love.


Writing/Beta Mod

Hihi, asa here! I fell into the hellhole that is SukuFushi (and never found my way out) ever since Sukuna asked Megumi to "enchant him". Excited for the lovely creations you're all working on for this reverse bang!


Graphics Mod

"Aside from him, I truly don't care." pretty much sums it up-- I'm a sucker for favoritism in my ships.


Art Mod

when i first read jjk i just thought oh these two are actually cute, but /now/ because of a certain person i wont name (wimsi) i literally think about them any time all the time theres no end to my suffering


Intern Mod

What's not to love about a powerful curse who simps for his favourite sorcerer?


Announced 2024


General/Social Mod

I love Sukufushi so much! I can’t wait to see how everyone explores the different dynamics within the ship and all the wonderful pieces everyone creates!